Classes will be conducted in this beautiful state-of-the-art teaching  kitchen, hoping you will join us here!

OCTOBER Registration - OPEN 

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Each class is a 3-hour dietetic and culinary education program specifically designed to give you an A-Z understanding on how to create both nutritionally complete and mouthwateringly delicious vegan, plant-based meals!  

What is included in each workshop:

- 1st Segment (30 min): lecture on the nutritional benefits and latest research on recipes being presented 

- 2nd Segment (2 hrs): start-to-finish recipe preparation process (attendees invited to participate) + Participants will enjoy 1 main entree, 2 sides, and a dessert. 

- 3rd Segment (30 min): Q&A session

*All produce and food products will be provided by Clark's Nutrition and Natural Food Market


Day 1

Workshop 1 - Mediterranean Cuisine

How to prepare 3 authentic Middle Eastern dishes with a decadent dessert to follow. 

Day 2

Workshop 2 - Italian Cuisine 

How to prepare 3 authentic Italian dishes with a classic dessert to follow. 


Class 1

Class 2

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