The Holiday Special Vegetarian Recipe Collection e-Book

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Are you Vegetarian and tired of googling recipes for the holidays? I've got you covered! I'm Dr. Fay Kazzi, I'm a registered dietitian, food photographer, recipe creator and cookbook author. I've put together the perfect vegetarian holiday guide for you! After working on hundreds of recipes I can confirm that Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes are most definitely my favorite. I've compiled a batch of 16 of my best holiday recipes into one, easily accessible and beautifully designed 50 page recipe guide. Recipes range includes main dishes, soups, salads, sides, desserts, and drinks. These recipes are designed with an emphasis on gut health and are both nutrient dense and delicious!

This also makes for a lovely holiday gift to a friend! 

Many blessings and well wishes to you and to your loved ones this holiday season! 

Dr. K

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